Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pandora's Box

The family conversation has changed and sounds something like this:

Look at all the racially motivated killings by police...
Trump's victory is certainly bringing out fear in people...
Immigration policies must change...
Gun control, mass killings...
and then my son stating 
(so matter of fact)
I may not even want to bring children into this damaged world!  

I long for simpler days when our family discussion revolved around what everyone wanted to eat for dinner.

Sitting back I try to listen as they voice their opinions.  Before me are young adults who were raised with a moral compass pointing in the direction of love & mercy.  I've lead them this far, given them wings to fly so they can make a difference in this aching world.  No longer can I take their hands or shield their eyes from the many horrors lurking outside our family home.

It should be simple to let them think for themselves. But alas; it is not so!  I cannot contain my temper or hold my tongue.  Quickly jumping into the "Mother Hen" role when I do not agree or like the opinions they are expressing.  On the heels of my son admitting his wish to buy a gun, I lose it! Yelling like a looney, forcing my voice to be heard - I find myself strutting around in a fit of rage; hardly forming a coherent sentence.  Not sure what is worse, my yelling or my inability to clearly articulate where I stand on these very real situations.

Pandora's Box has been opened pouring forth all that is wrong with the world.

The bear has been poked and nobody appears surprised (almost like they were expecting my sudden Italian uproar)!   Laughter erupts, filling the brief lapse of any sound coming from my lips.  Ken and the kids work to control themselves aware that I am not ready to let it go and laugh...yet.

Later it comes to me, the words I wish I possessed at that moment to clarify my point.
The world can never be fixed.  But what we can do is Fix our eyes on what is right and what is just.  Then we will see only Hope in every tomorrow.

I am pleased with my ability to finally give voice to my feelings and begin to search for my son.  I'm excited to share and pass on these precious pearls of wisdom - but instead I am met by a young man who is concerned and asking what is most important to him at that very moment in time.  Mom, I'm starving - what's for dinner?"

So for now, Pandora's Box has been sealed again.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Broken Things

I need not look any further than my own home to witness things falling apart.  Our little Eden on Weston Street, purchased 25 years ago, is in need of some TLC.  A leaky faucet here and a broken light fixture there - all demanding our attention.  The sound of dripping water as it rhythmically beats against the stainless steel sink – is really getting on my last nerve!  That’s Life!  A brilliant creation – filled with broken things.

Within our circle of family and friends, the conversation inevitably turns to those in need of prayer.  Gone are the simple days of hanging out with friends, enjoying a few cocktails and talking about nothing of consequence.  We have somehow reached an age where most people we know are having a simple procedure or minor surgery.  On the horizon lie major complaints, serious conditions and life threatening illnesses. Again, That’s Life!  A brilliant creation – filled with broken things.

The movement of time stretches between days and effortlessly slips into the passing of years.  Our parents and the older generation before us are in need of watchful care.  Swiftly moving up the ranks are our children securing their positions in the world.  We have become sandwiched amongst the two – straddled between the past and the future.  The order of life is changing; breaking the pathways we have travelled.  Amen, That’s Life! A brilliant creation – filled with broken things.

I have only to look at myself and see the breaking down of my body.  Age and the MS symptoms have advanced this process.  My minds' eye has me as a vibrant character that is setting the world on fire!  I rush from here to there, with great purpose.  But the truth concerning my body has me taking slow, steady and deliberate steps.  Accepting, That’s Life!  A brilliant creation – filled with broken things. 

When everything seems out of control, we must surrender to the unknown.  It is faith that makes Life worth Living! This brilliant creation from God is a gift to be measured in moments of Grace.  That leaky faucet, though irksome, is temporary and must not overshadow the blessings found in each day.  We must seek Him in the brokenness – That is Life!

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