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Old Jeans

It’s a seat with a view I’ve grown accustom to.  All around me at the kitchen table are piles of unfinished work projects, daily to do lists, a wellness journal, and current magazines and devotional prayer books.  I’ve carved out this special place in my home with a spectacular window view of the backyard.  This is the seat and position I take gaining inspiration and creativity throughout many winter days.

A relaxing Sunday in November has me sitting here in my usual fashion.  But instead of grabbing for a task to keep my mind occupied;  I look outside the window to see Ken busy at work.   The “Honey Do” list I gave him days earlier neatly folded in the back pocket of his jeans.  His movements and gestures are effortless as he completes each assignment.  He has a purpose beyond the obvious need to clear and winterize the backyard for the cold days ahead.  His persistence and determination stem from his desire to please me and make me happy.
I am painfully aware of my limitations and wis…

That Hook

Can’t exactly say when it happened but I love Country Music.Not the old stuff, just todays hits. I am drawn to a good country ballad or love song (preferring mostly those sung by strong & handsome fellows).I can’t get enough of those gents singing about love, faith, pickup trucks & beer!

Years ago, my sister Pat and her husband Jim tuned into Country Radio before having any commercial appeal.I remember thinking them crazy to choose this genre of music and believed somehow they were abducted by aliens from the south!Ken has always had an appreciation for Southern Rock Bands and crooners like Willie Nelson.To this day, he loves hearing those songs from the 80’s & 90’s.But to my surprise, Ken’s Pandora stations are now mostly set with playlists including my new favorite country “Good Old Boys”!

I must admit my attraction to this style of music had more to do with a hook that grabbed my attention, than anything else.These melodic and rhythmic verses repeat themselves, over and …

Into Every Life...

I have worn many different “hats” in my life but the gardening cap never seemed to properly fit me.I love the beauty of colorful flowers, plants lush with unique shape leaves, annuals and perennials announcing the change of seasons, black mulch to protect the soil below, planters and hanging baskets overflowing in a brilliant display.Who doesn’t love and appreciate God’s creation in the garden!It’s just the hard work that doesn’t suit me.

I marvel at my family and friends who spend hours toying in the gardens.Their ability to name each variety and know details like sun exposure,best type of soil and the proper amount to water – makes me feel inadequate and unworthy to receive their bounty.
The many years tending to my garden has taught me that a little hard work will yield many days basking in the splendor of their offerings.And the hard work begins and ends with the weeds.Those nasty, creeping and climbing vines can ruin and overrun the simplest garden.It would be impossible to quanti…

The Invited Guest

It’s a reality I cannot escape. Running away only makes it that much harder to deal with. Facing and giving in to all that comes with accepting the invitation, is my only option. For my response to decline would bring me only darkness and despair.

So I consent to the life I have been offered and gracefully take my place as an invited guest.

I remember in my younger days waiting to be included and extended an invitation to any party. Just to have my name among those chosen to attend was all the validation this teenager needed. I grew up with a small circle of friends so there were not many offers coming my way. Today the buzz word is FOMO (fear of missing out). I suffered terribly at the hands of this condition. Didn’t we all?

One of my favorite quotes is “Your life is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. In full knowledge and with all my acquired wisdom, I am certain that God meant for us to fully enter into our lives with Joy and Hap…