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Mercy Drops

The sky seemed to open - pouring down rain upon this already dreaded Monday morning. Parting the curtains, I look out my bedroom window to see gray overcast clouds all around.
I am instantly reminded of something I read the night before, “We’ve all experienced showers of blessings – mercy drops falling around us”
These words tugged at my heart so I took that moment & jotted down the phrase. ~  Showers of blessings   ~  mercy drops falling  ~ Never could I have imagined the storm that would befall our lives the very next day.
The house phone on the nightstand rings, immediately setting the day into motion. I look at the clock flashing 7:30am and think, “It’s kind of early for anyone to be checking in”.Upon answering and hearing the sadness in Michael’s voice – I am suddenly wide-awake.He did not have to say anything or go into detail because I knew.... Kathi had lost the battle she had been fighting for her life.
I try my best to say something to console his aching heart.I hang up quick…

I am Happy

I am happy sitting next to my best friend, sharing the small cushioned area of a church pew.  Here is the love of my life, meeting me for mass (I dare say on a Tuesday morning).  He sneaks out of the office to attend, marking it on his work calendar. We share this space and the quietness found in the early hours; allowing God’s whisper to overshadow the loudness found in the world outside.
Just sitting there with him, I am happy.But at the same time, I’m amazed at the people we have become.Daily Mass was never on the radar for the busy, happy, hipster couple – I thought us to be. But low and behold, we have both found our way here today, without either one of us “kicking & screaming”.If I was to be completely honest, it is Ken who inspires me to meet him at church.And yes, just saying that is both a little weird and strange.
For anyone who knows us would think it to be the other way around. Where I am loud and outspoken about my faith – Ken is a strong and silent pillar.For those mo…

Over and Over