Friday, May 26, 2017

Mercy Drops

The sky seemed to open - pouring down rain upon this already dreaded Monday morning. Parting the curtains, I look out my bedroom window to see gray overcast clouds all around. 

I am instantly reminded of something I read the night before,
“We’ve all experienced showers of blessings – mercy drops falling around us”

These words tugged at my heart so I took that moment & jotted down the phrase.
~  Showers of blessings   ~  mercy drops falling  ~
Never could I have imagined the storm that would befall our lives the very next day.

The house phone on the nightstand rings, immediately setting the day into motion. I look at the clock flashing 7:30am and think, “It’s kind of early for anyone to be checking in”.  Upon answering and hearing the sadness in Michael’s voice – I am suddenly wide-awake.  He did not have to say anything or go into detail because I knew.... Kathi had lost the battle she had been fighting for her life.

I try my best to say something to console his aching heart.  I hang up quickly (allowing Michael to continue the litany of early calls he needed to make).  As Ken returns to the room, he is unaware of the news waiting to shatter the embrace of life’s routine.

I say a quick prayer asking God’s protection over her soul.  My heart is full of thanks and gratitude for God’s promise of eternal rest.  I wonder in that moment who would be there to meet Kathi and welcome her home. 

Returning to the window, I gaze outside and take note of the rain falling.  I feel sorrow for the pain Kathi endured and I am sad for those loved ones (especially Michael, Kate, Matt & Kerri) whom she had to leave behind.  The darkness of day seems to overshadow the mystery of death and resurrection into new life.  I feel hollow, empty, and void of any joy.  Looking to the dark sky, I ask God, “Why today?  Why today did He shower His mercy down and take Kathi Home?”

In the depths of my grief, I am made to see the blessings of His Time and the Greatness of His Love.  Today, mercy drops feel upon Kathi - giving her the courage and the peace she needed to leave this world. 

We are left to trust and accept this storm.  
To Capture & to Believe that blessings can be found in each fallen raindrop.

Rest in Peace, my dear sister-in-law & friend, Kathi

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