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This was not my normal Monday morning ritual. In fact, I would venture to say that few women I know were beginning their week this way. Most of my friends and family are busy with kids and jobs (never mind the expense).  This kind of indulgence is reserved for vacations or a special occasion. But here I was, about to partake in the joyful luxuries uncovered at a day spa.  The catchphrase for bubble bath soap kept playing in my head, Calgon - take me away!
“What is it you are needing today?”she asked in a whispered tone.
Prior to stepping into the lavender scented room, I felt anxious and self-conscious. But, it was time to surrender all misgivings as I undressed and wrapped myself in the white terry robe that had been laid out.
“What is it you are needing today?” she asked again, while placing a warm cloth over my face.
This question stirs my soul. Endless possibilities come quickly to mind – but I simply reply, “Renewal”. Her confusion confirmed that this response was not the customary …

Walking Shoes

I wrote this story in October 2015.  How vividly I recall the memory & details of those walking shoes
I didn’t want todays writing prompt!   It came to me when I was pissed off and feeling sorry for myself.   As I’ve mentioned before - I am a person “of the light” feeling Hope, Grace and Love as remedies for all the things I must endure.   For the most part, God has gifted me with an unwavering faith.    But I do have moments when my resolve crumbles leaving my present attitude to truly suck!
It was the shoes in my closet that took me to this dark place. The object of my affection for so many years was sending me down a dark path.The task at hand was to clean out my bedroom closet and go through the 50+ pairs taking up valuable floor space.My love affair with boots, wedges, high heels, flip flops and leather flats was long gone.Out of necessity (that is the need to walk), I have given up trying to be fashionable with my footwear.Making this transition to practical / comfortable