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The Moccasins

Her voice is filled with fear and carries with it a tone of terror. “He is terribly sick, the doctors aren’t even sure he will make it.” I listen, giving my full attention and ask for more details. “When did this happen? How old is he? How are his wife and kids holding up?”

Maryellen seems in a daze as she goes through the painful ordeal her good friend is facing. As the story of his illness unfolds, her matter of fact manner regarding the children strikes me. “His wife has decided not to tell the kids just how seriously ill their father is. She thinks it best to keep them from the truth.” I respond in my usual quick and unfiltered style, “Isn’t that what Dad decided for you, when Mom was dying? And didn’t he also keep you from attending her wake and funeral? I know he did it to shield you at the young age of 9 but do you think it was best?” Then I simple ask, “What do you remember about Mom, her illness and final passing?”

Now, you should understand that we are sisters a…

Rusty Old Shed

It was an amazing story. Told with humor, which completely held my attention and authority, which utterly peaked my curiosity. I found myself entering into its mystery and believing the lesson of the tale. I have not been able to let it go.  I bring it to life now – using my imagination to embellish the details; making it my own.
She arrived at the Pearly Gates of Heaven and was met by a smiling man in a white robe. “Christine, it is good that you are here!  I will be your tour guide and show you around this place,” spoke Saint Peter.  Christine was aware of all that she left behind: her possessions, achievements and stresses she had in her life on earth.  Her heart remained full of love given, and love received. But, she still carried a feeling in her gut – a feeling of being dissatisfied.  It was with her on earth and now seemed to carry over into her new eternal life. Christine simply i…