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Our Time

As the weekend approaches, the fact that our time is our own catches me off guard.  Years ago Ken would say, “Someday we will no longer be running to softball, football, school events & activities”.   I could barely fathom that notion, as we went in different directions chauffeuring three kids to their appointed destinations.  Many times feeling overwhelmed by not having a single day of the weekend to relax without someone’s schedule demanding our attention.
Today at 54, I sit poolside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and wonder what the day will hold.Stretched before me are hours of freedom having nowhere special to be.The calendar is empty of any markings indicating obligations. The day belongs to us and in that moment we are like newlyweds again – without the worries and responsibilities associated with people our age.
My mind races with exciting ideas and suddenly I am dreaming about hiking the trails at Caumsett Park, or a stroll on the boardwalk at Jones Beach, an afternoon j…

Whip Cream & Cherry

A chalice, which is a goblet-shaped wine glass, has long been a symbol of the Christian church. It symbolizes the vessel from which Jesus Christ drank with his disciples during the Last Supper. It is also viewed as a symbol of Christ's power to redeem humankind.”  

I like to keep my theology simple and usually see God’s grace through the ordinary stuff in life.  After reading the definition of a chalice and understanding its symbolism - the image of our lives as a Deluxe Ice Cream Sundae comes into view.  Each scoop of delicious, creamy, sweet ice cream added to our empty cups are but moments in time when we have accomplished great feats….
It is like “build your own Sundae” – filling your chalice with scoops of love, self sacrifice, good will, acts of mercy and the list (like flavors) continues without end!The only thing missing from what you have created by your works and deeds is the whip cream and cherry.Who doesn’t like this finishing touch on any Ice Cream Sundae?
The whip crea…

Sweet Music



The solitary leaf falling at my feet has me witnessing the arrival of fall.I have never felt myself clinging to sunshine & warm breezes; wishing for summer to never leave me in the cold.My paradise soon to be replaced by the glory found in autumns promise.

I have taken to sitting on the back deck in the early hours of the morning.The quiet and peacefulness of this setting makes my coffee taste “ever the sweeter”. This summer more than any prior had me enjoying paradise moments here in our backyard.I commented to Ken how I’ve swam more laps in our pool (a small victory and reward for needing exercise).I have rested and enjoyed numerous “siestas” on the comfy outdoor couch.Even the blacktop driveway gave me opportunities to walk with my new, ever changing gait and swag.The brick around the pool providing a perfect setting for practicing my yoga stretches.I was warmed by many evening fires courtesy of Ken and his master fire building skills.And the final triumph of this paradise came …