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Ken observes as his wife sits motionless in the kitchen. He knows her patterns and habits, perhaps better than she knows herself, and senses her somber mood.  Ken patiently leaves her to be, mindful that soon he will be called upon.A warm and adoring embrace will give Chris the human touch of compassion she needs, but that will come only when she is ready. The kitchen has always been her sanctuary, the cornerstone of their home.Critical and trivial moments all have been shared around the reassuring middle island.Chris sits on the leather stool at the counter needing a few moments of silence to just be still.Waiting rooms & doctors, labs and blood tests, drugs and needles have set Chris on a course of despair.A downward spiral has begun, with the depths of despair seemingly never ceasing.
Chris lifts her arm high as her fingers tightly curl, forming an angry fist. With eyes closed, she speaks out loud a simple prayer, Why? I thought you had more for me to do?She knows God is liste…

Liquid Gold

Last night I was determined to cook something from a recipe in an old magazine lying on my kitchen counter.  “30 meals in less than 30 minutes” boosted what little confidence I had in my culinary skills.  I tend to stay within the 8 or 9 meals I have mastered the art of preparing.  Outside the realm of these, I dare say my family has openly wept at the threat of me cooking from a recipe.
Years ago, I would blame the electric stove for the many cooking mishaps.Then I moved onto the culprit being the pots and pans for so many of my failed attempts.Maybe too much salt, not enough pepper? Well, the electric was replaced with gas and the cookware upgraded to the finest…. leaving little else but myself to blame for being a terrible chief.Ken’s favorite one-liner, “It’s not the bow and arrow, but the Indian.”Cooking has never been my strong point!
Beginning to review the ingredients needed, I take stock of a few items missing from my inventory.What is a good substitute for honey?Hmm, no Mars…

Winter Grey

I am all but willing to hibernate in the gloom of these winter months, but deep within I yearn for brightness.  I savor the brilliance bestowed on the earth by the sun’s rays. The thought alone of sunshine catapults me from my dreary disposition.   
I peer out the window and observe the tender blanketing of snow forming.   Such beauty in the falling white flakes, beckoning me to join in its movement.
But, I remain. ~~~~~~~~~
Images are projected onto the large computer screen.  Grey and white fuzzy shapes are brought into focus.  Before my eyes materializes the inner workings of my spine and brain.
Hundreds of magnetic resolution images capture damaged parts deep within.  She points to three large areas casting a shadow and mumbles, Here is the part of the myelin sheath or nerve fiber which is damaged, nerve impulses traveling to and from the brain and spinal cord are distorted or interrupted, producing a wide variety of symptoms.   The damaged myelin forms scar tissue (sclerosis), which g…