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Just "Things"

I have lost my share of “things”.That disappearing white sock lost in the dead zone of my dryer or the earring that mysteriously dislodged from my lobe.Keys, money and important documents; all misplaced by yours truly. Losing “things” is woven into the fabric of my being.I’m sure my family can retell stories when Mom was guilty of mindlessly throwing something of value in the garbage.There will undoubtedly be the hastag - #whereisit? etched on my tombstone.Every item lost is accompanied by some pain. And every hurt experienced usually offers a valuable life lesson.
Losing my ability to walk and even greater; losing power over my MS progression has been a tough pill to swallow.Such overwhelming loss can change ones attitude about“things”. It is not worth crying over or being angry when “things” are lost and out of our control. Because that is exactly what they are – “things”.It took living with an illness (very much like a death) to teach me this paralyzing reality.“Things” are just “th…