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As we pull into the driveway, we come across our next-door neighbor beginning construction.  “Look honey, Elizabeth is making some improvements to her home.”  I am excited for her, and selfishly hoping it will raise the value of our property.  Upon closer examination I say, “doesn’t it appear the placement of her new room is very close to our property line?”  Then I scream, “Look at that picture window being placed in the exact location of our large kitchen window!  She cannot possibly be serious…?  Every moment of every day would have us clearly looking into her new family room!  What little privacy we have will be completely lost with the placement of that Anderson Window!” 
I am confused, furious and downright offended by her plans.Turning to Ken I ask, “well… what should we do?”I believe his answer was, “well… what can we do?”
I knew something had to be said and I knew I had to be the one to say it.Just what was going to come out of my mouth remained the question.I remember knocking…

My Appointment

She sat there in the small examination room, across the table from me.  Pen in hand, writing notes and scribbling my answer to a series of endless questions.  Although she seemed interested and concerned - the clinical nature of her personality and the scientist dedicated to the study of my illness - was most apparent.

NO, suicide has never been a thought... This first question is always the same. (A marvelous ice breaker)

I am here today with little expectation, which is not normal for me.  I usually thoroughly prepare for my appointments; treating them like I have been granted an interview with the Pope.  All the pomp and circumstance to get to that burning question all MS patients have - "What can I expect next?"

This time I am less inclined to look for her to give me any concrete, definitive answers.  She simply does not know and clearly cannot offer anything other than a guess.  I actually saw her - the leading MS specialist at Stony Brook Hospital - shrug her shoulders.  …

Yellow Highlighter

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we all had a yellow highlighter snuggled in our back pocket that could be used to emphasize what is important in our lives?Everyone would have the ability to take out his or her highlighter and mark significant moments in time.A highlighter in hand might help us along our journey to capture the moments we tend to overlook.
Our family vacation began long before the car was packed and we arrived at our “little beach house” on the Jersey Shore.It took weeks of planning and attending to the many details that involve a Reilly Summer Adventure.Everyone’s favorite foods & snacks were purchased.The trip to the liquor store had us buying fancy bottles of wine, rum, vodka and my favorite whiskey (Jack Daniels) by the cases!No vacation to the beach would be complete without some games.I honestly think the older my kid’s get – the more alcoholic beverages and ironically toys are needed for the weeklong getaway.My suitcase was filled with bathing suits awaiting that …

Unspoken Joke

Sometimes I catch myself and immediately stop.  It is easier that way.   For now, I have avoided any ridicule and teasing, which would come as the result of being caught in the act.  I am seated around the kitchen table with my family.  A simple meal has been prepared, seasoned only with the joy of being together.    Nobody has shared a joke, nothing particularly funny has been said, but I cannot keep from laughing.      These moments are rare and fleeting.  The lives of my young adult children have them spending more days away from home.  Adventures await them and this table is often void of one, if not all three of them. 
Sometimes I am caught and have no defense.  I am laughing in a somewhat peculiar manner and my husband and children show no mercy.  As I throw back my head in a hilarious fit of laughter, the table grows quiet.  If only someone actually said something funny to warrant my uncensored giddiness.   All eyes are on me as they begin to uncover the source of my laughter. …

My Purpose

Asking questions is the best way to really know and understand someone.  A good question can lead directly to the heart of any matter.  A better question will stop a person in their tracks, redirecting the very path they are on.  I stumbled upon a question that was being asked rhetorically to a group of friends with whom I was enjoying lunch.  The question was asked to merely make a statement rather than elicit a response.  But I would take this question with me – neatly tuck it away in my mind – where it remained long after the meal.
The question was “What is your Life’s Purpose?”  Simple – yes, but I was empty and had nothing to offer as a response.  I think about my life and clearly see its purpose at different times.  Memories allow me to recall the many seasons of my life. My spiritual purpose has always been to know, acknowledge and love Jesus. But today when I consider the question of “My Purpose” - I have a difficult time finding the right answer.  In my usual fashion, I begin …