Friday, May 12, 2017

I am Happy

I am happy sitting next to my best friend, sharing the small cushioned area of a church pew.  Here is the love of my life, meeting me for mass (I dare say on a Tuesday morning).  He sneaks out of the office to attend, marking it on his work calendar. We share this space and the quietness found in the early hours; allowing God’s whisper to overshadow the loudness found in the world outside.

Just sitting there with him, I am happy.  But at the same time, I’m amazed at the people we have become.  Daily Mass was never on the radar for the busy, happy, hipster couple – I thought us to be. But low and behold, we have both found our way here today, without either one of us “kicking & screaming”.  If I was to be completely honest, it is Ken who inspires me to meet him at church.    And yes, just saying that is both a little weird and strange.

For anyone who knows us would think it to be the other way around.  Where I am loud and outspoken about my faith – Ken is a strong and silent pillar.  For those mornings he says, “I’m going to mass,” has me rushing around because, "I’ll be darned if he’s there without me"!   I’m often slow to “rise and shine” and do get easily distracted by emails, phone calls, social media and morning TV.  But hearing him say where he’s going – gets me moving to be by his side.

Now mind you, Ken is no angel (as he often reminds me).  His attendance at mass indicates his need for a little serenity.  Where so many people carry their struggles alone & in silence, we are lucky to have the quiet of these mornings to gain a little peace.  Sitting there I know if the day should ever come and I am no longer strong enough to get to mass – Ken will carry me there.  And if the day should ever present it self and I can no longer kneel – Ken will kneel for me.  And if I were ever incapable of praying – Ken will speak the words for me. 
Just thinking about that makes me happy.

Blessing of our Marriage that Tuesday Morning

Happy 30th Anniversary
 to My One and Only Love

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