Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Over and Over

As I move awkwardly into position, I can hardly believe I am here today.  For I have told myself, over and over, it would be impossible (with my limbs so compromised and weak) to continue the discipline needed to practice yoga.  For five years I cautiously rolled out my mat in the safety and solitude of my home.  Performing modified variations of sun salutation, downward dog, pigeon, and warrior, all to my liking, without challenging myself to go deeper or further into each pose. Filled with negative energy, I brought little to what I was experiencing.  My thoughts travel back to a time when my body was in its fullness of health and "modifications" were not something I needed.  When I was able to completely stretch and hold stances, when I was flexible and fearless.

But today, as I reach, bend, breath through and enjoy a full hour of practice – under the guidance of an instructor at a lovely studio, incense burning with the pleasant smell of essential oils … I feel safe.  I command my mind to stop judging my body.  I release the thought of what I was once capable of doing and adapt to a new reality.   That voice inside my head which, over and over, told me what was impossible - was silenced today!


**Thank you Leslie of Absolute Yoga for the gift of MS yoga**

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